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Shorten long URLs |

Your new shortened URL is (16 characters).
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We made your URL 53% (18 characters) shorter!

Yes! You can also get a much shorter URL for those lengthy links which you could never think of sending through sms. Even in emails, very long links tend to truncate (break) and don't work when clicked. Try this cool website now!

Get Orkut Scraps on Mobile | MyToday

This one is for all the die hard orkut fans. Now you can get your scraps on your mobile.
- No need of GPRS / WAP
- No need of a high-end cellphone
- No charges. This is totally FREE (Except one time registration charges: Rs. 3 max)

Just follow these simple steps to get it done for you:

1. Register your mobile with by sending REG to 09845398453 (or 575758).
(This is ONLY way to register)

2. Login to using the password received on your mobile

3. Click on "Feeds" > "Manage Feeds" > "SMS"

4. Fill it as below. In place of "orkut feeds url" write this:
(In place of xxxxxxxxxx write your orkut profile id*)

That's it! You are done. Enjoy the next level of orkutting :)

* Orkut profile id is the unique id "uid" which you can get by clicking on your own profile
- This trick doesn't work on locked scrapbooks. - Works for Indian Mobiles only.

Know what your user's click | MyBlogLog

MyBlogLog lets you track which links on your blog do visitors like the most or in other words you can say which of the links are most appealing to your viewers. It tracks the outgoing links clicked by visitors. This can help you to fine-tune your blog/site to ensure that they visit again. What's more? You can simply sign-in using your existing yahoo-id. No hassles!

Now anyone can Broadcast Live | Ustream

Ustream allows you to broadcast anything live to the online global audience, provided you have a camera and an internet connection (obviously!). MySpace and Facebook users must check it out!

Video Search Engine | Dabble

Dabble is a platform which helps you find, collect & organize videos from all the famous and not-so-famous videos sites like YouTube, Google Video, etc. At the time of writing this post you could search from more that a whopping 44,630,023 videos in a single go. And if you sign-up, you can also share your favorite videos with online buddies!

Free Brainstorming tool | is a simple online tool that lets you help collate brainstorm ideas easily, effectively and in a neat and clean method.

What all you can do?
Create colorful mind-maps, share, embed, email and save them as image.

Video tutorials for Science enthusiasts | ScienceHack

ScienceHack lets you learn simple and complex science topics just by watching videos. Don't worry! These are not freaky videos; all of them have been passes by a scientist to confirm its accuracy & quality. It also features a facebook app!